Ayfer Bartu Candan

Ayfer Bartu Candan
University of California at Berkeley
PSB 201
Phone Number: 
+90 212 359 7315
Areas of Interest: 

Urban studies

Anthropological theory

Political Ecology

Heritage Studies



Courses Taught: 

Soc 281 Social Anthropology; Soc 387 Urban Anthropology; Soc 286 Political Anthropology; Soc 491 A Tale of Three Cities: Berlin, Cape Town, Istanbul; Soc 492 Material Culture, Heritage and Tourism; Soc 493 Reading Theory Through Ethnography; Soc 494 Politics of the Past and Material Culture.

Research Projects: 

Emerging Forms of Urban Segregation in Istanbul (2007-2010) (Co-director with Assoc. Prof. Biray Kolluoglu): Ethnographic research project on the emerging forms
of urban segregation in contemporary Istanbul focusing on gated communities and public housing projects in the city.

Çatalhöyük Research Project (1998-2004): Ethnographic research on the politics of the past at Çatalhöyük, tracing the multiple meanings the Neolithic archaeological site of Çatalhöyük acquire in the present for different groups of people including villagers, archaeologists, tourists, land developers, government officials, and new age Goddess groups.

TEMPER Project (2001-2004): Chair of the Working Group on Education for the European Union sponsored TEMPER (Training, Education, Management and
Prehistory in the Mediterranean) project. As part of this project, research was conducted on the state of the art in history education and educational programs were
developed for prehistoric sites with partners from Greece and Malta.

Selected Publications: 

Bartu-Candan, A. and Biray Kolluoğlu (2008) “Emerging Spaces of Neoliberalism: A Gated Town and a Public Housing Project in İstanbul.” New Perspectives on Turkey 39: 5-46.

Bartu-Candan, A. (2008) “Beyond the Pendulum Model in Rethinking the Archaeology of Europe.” Archaeological Dialogues 15 (1): 27-30.

Bartu-Candan, A. (2007) “Remembering a 9000 Years Old Site: Present-ing Çatalhöyük” in E. Özyürek (ed.) Politics of Public Memory: Production and Consumption of the Past in Turkey, Syracuse University Press.

Bartu-Candan, A. (2007) “Developing Educational Programmes for Prehistoric Sites: The Çatalhöyük Case” in I. Hodder and L. Doughty (eds.), Mediterranean Prehistoric Heritage: Training, Education and Management, Short Run Press.