Erasmus & Exchange


The Department of Sociology accepts students each semester from both the European Erasmus Programme and via University Exchange.   These students enter Boğaziçi University through the Office of International Relations (OIR);  general application guidelines and bureaucratic requirements can be found here:   

OIR helps students negotiate the practical arrangements of their term of study.  Each Erasmus and exchange student also chooses a home department; for those students who choose Sociology, our department offers academic advising (see contact information, below).   All incoming students are required to meet with their academic advisor as scheduled by the University before completing their registration.

Students are strongly encouraged to arrive in Turkey as early as possible, and to attend the orientation of the International Office before the semester begins.  Because Boğaziçi’s semesters begin at a fast and intense pace, and because the registration period is relatively short, students should anticipate actively pursuing courses.   Please also consult the registration guide at:


Students will register for courses through the University’s online registration system, ÖBİKAS.  On registration day, as early as possible, students should ADD the courses they wish to take.  If a course is already full, students should electronically send a CONSENT request to the instructor, and are also strongly encouraged to visit the course on the first day of class, and to talk to the instructor in person.   If a student is accepted but not registered in time, or if the student decides not to remain in a particular course, there is a second ADD/DROP period early in the semester to finalize students’ schedules.  This second add/drop window is open only for three days, so students should already be attending and actively involved in the courses they wish to take. 

Each semester, Erasmus students must take at least 2 courses in their home department, while Exchange students should take at least one.  We generally recommend that students do NOT take courses required for graduation by their home university, but rather other topics of interest in sociology and anthropology, as well as general electives.   Within our department, students should choose courses at the 200 and 300 levels.  The general course list and course descriptions can be found on our department website:

A list of courses offered each semester in the Sociology Department, with a more specific description of course contents and syllabi, is available under the “schedule” tab of he registration website:

Some course selection advice/restrictions

It should be noted that some of these courses are at the introductory level, and may not be appropriate for more advanced students.  Please note that certain courses may have other requirements, such as advanced knowledge of Turkish as well as English.  Incoming students should visit the course descriptions for that semester to make sure that a course is suitable.  If a student wishes to take a course at the 400 level, he or she must receive the personal consent of the instructor.  Erasmus and Exchange students are not eligible for 500 (Masters level) courses.  Most courses are subject to quota (class size) restrictions and therefore not all eligible students will always be able to take them.  Students are encouraged to be flexible and to have alternate choices when planning their schedule.



International Office:

Erasmus Student Advisor

Ece Günay, Director


The members of the Sociology Department’s Erasmus and Exchange student committee are:

Advisor for Incoming Students is Tuna Kuyucu,

Advisor for Outgoing Students is Tuna Kuyucu,