Course Descriptions

Soc 501
Advanced Research Methods I
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
A general survey of social science research techniques. Experimental and non-experimental research designs.Measurement theory, reliablity and validity. Sampling theory and designs. Overview of statistical evaluation procedures. Panel designs.
Soc 502
Advanced Research Methods II
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
Data collection techniques. Scaling procedures. Multivariate analysis techniques including multiple correlation and regression, multiple classification analysis, factor analysis and related procedures. Complex experimental designs. The writing of research reports.
Soc 503
Sociological Theory I: History of Sociological Theory
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
The course reviews the origins and the development of some of the principal concepts which constitute the elements of modern sociology. For that purpose the works of major theorists are studied from the point of view of emergence of sociological perspective.
Soc 504
Sociological Theory II: Contemporary Sociological Theory
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
The course critically focuses on some of the contemporary perspectives in sociology and evaluates the according to their assumptions, internal consistency, theoretical rigor, and political consequences. This is mainly a survey course in contemporary sociological theory.
Soc 523
Political Sociology
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
This course reviews the theoretical developments in the field of political sociology since the 19th century. The discussion of these various theoretical developments will be related to the continuity and change in social institutions and political processes.
Soc 524
Historical Sociology
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
This course attempts to develop a sociologically structured theory and method for the study of historical change and stability. It will focus on the issues relating to the history of the state, political revolutions, and economic and legal institutions.
Soc 531
Ideas and Intellectuals in Society
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
The course aims at studying the role of intellectuals, ideas and, certain social institutions in the change and stability of societies. A historical and comparative perspective will inform the discussion of the interaction between the activity of intellectuals and social structural processes.
Soc 535
Turkish Society : Research and Theory
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
Survey of Theory and research concerning contemporary Turkish society with special emphasis on social and cultural change.
Soc 541
Social Change and Development
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
A review of the basic theoretical approaches to social change. Classical and neo-evolutionary theories, conflict theory and modernization. The measurement of change. Recent attempts to operationalize and measure national development. Empirical works on the relationship among various dimensions of development. Emprical works on the relationship among various dimensions of development. Cross-sectional and time-series models. Development and the world system.
Soc 553
Popular culture, Mass Media and Politics of Representation
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
New forms of group identification and collective action in relation to forms and practices of popular (especially visual) representation. Examination of distinctions between popular versus mass versus high cultures; mass media and the politics of representation, of subject with different cultural affiliations.
Soc 563, 564
Issues in Contemporary Society I, II
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
Focuses on major issues confronting contemporary society. The emphasis is upon future direction of socio-economic and cultural change in advanced industrial societies and their implications for developing countries.
Soc 579
Graduate Seminar
Credits(0+1+0) ECTS5
The widening of students" persepectives and awareness of topics of interest to sociologists through seminars offered by faculty, guest speakers and graduate students.
Soc 581, 584
Selected Topics in Advanced Sociological Theory
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
This is an advanced course in social theory which studies in-depth one or several issues and perspectives surveyed in Sociology 504. It involves careful and intensive reading and analysis in one of the areas in contemporary sociological theory, and the critical evaluation of debates in that area.
Soc 585-588
Directed Readings and Research I, II, III, IV, V
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
Faculty members can give reading and research assignments to students on various topics and supervise the progress of these projects. The circumstances where such projects are warranted are to be determined by the faculty members. The scope and duration of the reading and research project is to be indicated at the beginning of the semester.
Soc 589
Readings in Sociology
Credits(1+0+0) ECTS5
Supervised reading in areas of interest to the students.
Soc 595-599
Special Topics in Sociology/Anthropology I, II, III, IV, V
Credits(4+0+0) ECTS10
Study of the latest and current developments in the field of sociology and anthropology.